Now available: SARS-CoV-2 testing platforms

Medium throughput functional screens and single cell genomics

Incucyte S3 live-cell imaging screening paltform

We recently established a screening platform based on an incucyte S3 time-lapse microscopy system to test for antiviral drugs in BSL3 conditions. This allows us medium throughput testing (~72 compounds in 2-3 days) of antiviral compounds.

We are using  SARS-CoV-2 GFP  just published by our collaborator Volker Thiel, which serves as a great tool to study the influence of drugs in a time-resolved manner.

We want to thank for generous support from the Max-von-Bauernfeind Association and TUM!

10x Genomics - single-cell genomics in BSL-3 conditions

We recently installed a 10X single-cell sorter in our BSL3. Together with Herbert Schiller (Center of pulmonary diseases, Helmholtz) and other colleagues we are exploring new scientific avenues.

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