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Immunopathology of Virus Infections
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Targeting host 2’O-methyltransferases to suppress Influenza virus

Our collaborators from Bonn revealed the importance of host methyltransferase MTr1 for influenza and identified a novel anti-influenza compound - now published in Science!

We are proud to be part of the massive effort, spearheaded by Hiroki Kato and his team from Bonn, that revealed the critical role of the host RNA 2’O-methyltransferase MTr1 in influenza A/B cap-snatching! The activity of MTr1 is pivotal for Influenza A and B but not for other cap-snatching viruses and can be inhibited by a host-directed small molecule to achieve an antiviral effect through a novel mechanism.

Congratulations to Hiroki Kato in Bonn and collaborators for the fabulous manuscript published in Science!

Read more here: Inhibition of cellular RNA methyltransferase abrogates influenza virus capping and replication

Text by Valter and illustration by Andreas.

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