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Immunopathology of Virus Infections
group pic with Pietro

FOIL-VIII at Raitenhaslach

Our first joint retreat with the ArboSys lab!

Amidst the heat of high summer, exactly a year after FOIL-VII, we went to Raitenhaslach again for the eighth FOIL- Future Of Innate Lab – retreat!

It is our great pleasure to have the 3-day retreat with the ArboSys lab, led by our dear alumnus Pietro. We learnt about each other’s projects during the flash talks and exchanged ideas in various aspects of our research. After mingling with the ArboSys colleagues, we all started to look at mosquitoes in amazement, just not the ones by Wöhrsee… As always, we made great plans for the future, some of which are already implemented since our return!  

We continued the fun tradition of Innate Olympics by Wöhrsee in the afternoon, where we performed our lab routines like cell transfer and sample labelling with some extra excitement. In the end, everyone won some prizes for the future, and we refreshed our group picture!

Three days passed swiftly, but the good memories will remain for a long time! We look forward to another exciting year of research at the Innate lab and are ready to combat virus infection together with the ArboSys lab!

Text by Yiqi, photos by Andreas, Anqi and Lila.

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