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Immunopathology of Virus Infections

A systematic survey of P2Y receptors

Our systematic survey on the functions of P2Y receptors identified two distinct subsets controlling either inflammation or viral replication, with P2Y11 combining both functions.

Line’s PhD research is now published in EMBO! In this study, we systematically investigated the responses of human macrophages to extracellular nucleotides and revealed that adenine- and uridine-based nucleotides induce a specific and transient cytokine response through activating MAPK signaling pathway. We further categorized the nucleotide sensing P2Ys into two subgroups: P2Y1/2/6/11 that govern inflammatory responses via cytokine induction, and P2Y4/11/12/13/14 that directly induce antiviral responses.

Congratulations to Line, Yiqi, Chris, Lila, and all the collaborators involved in this study!

Read more in the EMBO paper:
Systematic P2Y receptor survey identifies P2Y11 as modulator of immune responses and virus replication in macrophages

Text by Yiqi, illustration by Line.

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