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Immunopathology of Virus Infections

Meet our new instrument — incucyte S3!

The automatic live cell imaging microscope is now fully operational inside a shiny new incubator.
Fully automated live-cell imaging microscope. Measures 3 channels of up to six 96-well plates over multiple days.
A time lapse of VSV-GFP (MOI 10) infected HeLa cells.
Mass spectrometry based analyses typically lead to identification of hundreds of candidate proteins with potential to be involved in diverse virus-related processes. The incucyte S3 live cell imaging system allows to monitor up to 584 parallel conditions in a time-resolved and single-cell manner and – for instance – delivers accurate virus growth rates over time for these individual conditions. This enables us to conduct arrayed knockdown, knockout, overexpression or drug screens to link functional consequences to identified candidate proteins. For us, this is a life-transforming experience – we’re looking forward to many exciting experiments and lots of terabytes of images to crunch!

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